September 11, 2014

Become A Kindle Book Writing Champ In No Time!

kindle1With the advent of the Internet, more and more things have become democratized. Only 20 years ago, you’d have to be a rich artist in order to be able to afford your own mixing studio. These days, everybody has access to the software required to mix all the sounds you can get. It’s the same with books. Publishing books used to be a very expensive and risky venture. But thanks to the World Wide Web… not anymore! Anybody can now publish books online, for pennies on the dime. That rhymed! So how good I am at writing? I’m not talking out of my rear here. I know what I’m doing.

Many people want to write Kindle books for publishing on Amazon. Many people are already doing it, because they jumped onboard the Kindle express many years ago already. Because many people can now cheaply publish books without much risk, there is also a lot of sub par stuff to be found on Kindle. But there’s two sides to every coin, and that’s just how it is. However, just because other people are publishing low quality stuff, this does not mean you have to do so as well. Feel free to publish high quality stuff all you like. Just make the effort of ensuring that your stuff is indeed ‘high quality’ and not low quality that you’ve happened to fall in love with, just because it’s yours!

kindle2So much for my introduction. Let’s get to the gist of this post. The thing is, you can really a good living by writing Kindle books. It’s not going to be easy. But what were you expecting? There is big competition on there. There is always room for more good stuff. Write good stuff, and the fan base will come. But you’ve got to take a good, hard look at your own writing skills. You have to be critical. If you feel your writing skills are not on par, then go out there and practice your writing skills. There are plenty of forums where people write stuff and read other people’s written stuff. And then they comment on it. It’s all constructive criticism, ofcourse.

Your best chances of making a decent earning as an honest to god writer and publisher, are if you write a book series. I would like to emphasyze ‘series’ here. There’s something about a series that keeps people coming back for more. Look at A Song Of Fire And Ice. Look at Harry Potter. Look at Lord Of The Rings. All these series are more awesome than any standalone book ever was. So always go for series. You can make your story as epic as you possibly can and you can extend it over a long period of time. If you manage to develop a loyal reader base, your fans are going to love it and they will keep begging you for more and more and more.

fastfingersFor Kindle books, it’s very important that you have a really well structured book with a good index. People tend to dislike disorganized books in which things are hard to find. So it’s not just your writing skills that you ought to be constantly improving. It’s also your Kindle creation and publishing skills. Take my word for it. I’ve published some stuff on Kindle that I’m kind of ashamed of right now. That’s why I took it offline and I’m never putting it back either.

If you are not comfortable writing yourself, you can always go for a ghost writer. This is just a writer that will write your book for you, in return for financial compensation. But quite frankly… I feel there is nothing like writing your own book. Writing is a great pastime. It’s almost a zen like experience. It’s easy for me to say, because my typing speed is very fast. Some people type slowly and that’s why they don’t like typing. Typing is more fun when you are doing it fast. So if your typing speed is slowing you down, by all means… go practice it at Fast Fingers!

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