October 24, 2014

Becoming A Dad For The First Time

baby playI have recently become a father and I could not be more happy because of it. I can’t believe that it has finally happened for me. I have a very sweet girlfriend whom I never married (because marriage is just not for us) and we just had a baby of our very own. We have lived together in the same apartment for many years already. Back in the days when we were still young, we had lots of troubles finding a stable way of life for ourselves. The road has never been smooth, but we have always found a way to make it work. A long time ago, when I was just getting started with a job, I was not making a lot of money yet. Most newbies don’t make a lot of money. And rightfully so, because back then I was not very good at my job at all. These days, however, I am a very experienced software developed and I have many software projects under my belt already. I can honestly say that I love this job and I would not trade it in for anything in the world. Developing software is great because you are actually building something. And there is nothing better than building something from nothing. I have a lot of experience with it now and I have learned so much in just the past few years. I am much better than I ever thought possible.

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baby play toysInstead of slaving away for minimum wages, I have chosen to go freelance. Because regular jobs with their 9 to 5 days are just not for me. Freelancing is endlessly better because you have a lot more free time on your hands than when you are stuck in the cubicle life. But you can only have a sense of freedom if you manage to get happy customers that will order more software from you in the future. Repeat business is very important for a steady income stream. But thankfully, I have met many people in my years of working as a software developer and I have been able to add many prospects to my list. I was preparing even back then. I always knew that one day I would be freelance. If you are a software developer, then you owe it to yourself to become the best you can be. Because this allows you to go freelance. And freelancing is so much more awesome than regular wage slavery. I would not want to work for the man all year around anymore, because then I would totally miss out on seeing my baby grow up. I love my new lifestyle and I highly recommend it to everybody on the planet. But don’t just go freelance without a plan, because if you fail to plan, then you are actually planning to fail. A freelancer must be able to hack it all pretty much on his own. You’re not allowed to ask other people questions anymore. You have to do everything yourself.

baby makes messMy girlfriend is called Jodie and she also generates a nice revenue stream from her business as well. She does something with human resources, a branch of business that I have never understood and never will. Right now she is taking some time off what with her just having had the baby and whatnot. We had our baby just a few days ago, actually. And me and Jodie are totally happy to finally have a kid of our own, after having seen our friends having kids of their own. We are losing a lot of time on making food for the baby, however. So we are considering buying the best baby food maker for the money. We have been reading up on this page about which one to buy.

This is exactly the life that I have always imagined for myself as well as my sweet girlfriend. I am now the proud owner of a great family that I love sincerely. Words escape me when I try to explain you what I was feeling when my first baby came into this world. It was truly a sight for sore eyes. I held him closely and never wanted to let go of him in my entire life. I don’t mean to brag, but this is one good looking kid right here. You can totally see that this is a chip off the ole’ block, he he.

baby funWhen you first become a dad (or a mom, I imagine), then a lot of things are going to go through you. It can be quite overwhelming at first. It can be overwhelming to the point where it feels like you are going to lose your sanity. I had big worries as to whether everything would turn out okay, because this is your kid you’re talking about and you want to see him doing perfectly! Thank god… everything went okay and there were no significant troubles to speak of. It’s always nice when something goes exactly according to plan. Me and Jodie are now the proud parents of a healthy baby girl, called Cindy. Oh boy, I can not explain to you in mere words how much relief I felt when this kid came out perfectly alright and healthy! An old friend of mine once had a baby years ago who was missing a toe on the left foot. And then there was another friend that I had a long time ago, who had an extra toe on the right foot. I imagine that either scenario is a bit distressing, but it is always better to have some extra stuff on there rather than missing stuff. Extra stuff can be easily removed by a skilled surgeon. But when your baby is missing out on things, then you’re just going to have to live with the birth defect as it is. So that’s the reason why I was so worried about my baby. But I’m so glad everything turned out alright. It was a real suspense.

Now that we have a healthy baby girl named Cindy, we have to make sure to take good care of her. I want to see her growing up to be a healthy baby girl. We intend to feed her all the best nutrients and we want to buy her the best crib so that she can have a good night’s rest. She is the most precious prized gift I have ever received and probably ever will! Time to go shopping for baby stuff!

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