October 1, 2014

New Rules Of Lifting – Kindle Review

new rules of liftingI have recently read the Kindle book New Rules Of Listing. I thought it was pretty good, and I want to review it.

Most people living in the USA, and this includes myself, like making use of a little something extra when training. If you have ever visited your local gym, then you will probably know that lifting weights can put quite a strain on your body. More often than not, it can take you a few days to recover from one simple training session. And the worst part is, your recovery gets worse when you get older. Going to the gym is a good way of staying in shape, but there is nothing you can do about the fact that you will eventually age. But we are not completely helpless against mother nature’s aging process.

Not too long ago, I came across a website called the Bulk Board (which you can find at http://bulkboard.net), which seems to have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject. There’s a big page on that website that covers the topic of increasing testosterone levels in guys, but there is also plenty of other information on there about supplements. You should really have a look at this website’s testosterone booster page, as well as their Testofuel review¬†page.

heavyThis website may not be suitable for everybody, but one thing is for sure… it can definitely help you make a few well informed decisions about buying supplements for doing heavy weight lifting. These pages are mostly geared at guys in the mid fourties and over, but it can’t hurt to inform yourself properly up front, even when you haven’t lived to this age yet. After all, you know it’s coming… you know you’re going to get older and that you will one day have more of a hard time lifting weights.

But then again… what choice do you really have… are you going to let it all happen and just get out of shape? You need to getting in gear and start lifting some iron. If you’ve got kids, then you better start raising them with the mindset that nothing is for free and that they will have to have physical exercise if they want the most out of life. Growing up, I was a fat guy. I clearly remember all the kids from school making fun of me like I was some sort of sub human species. I can’t believe my own mother kept feeding me all sorts of junk food at the time, and in retrospect I sure wish she had fed me more vegetables, even though I was a difficult vegetable eater.

dumbbellYou can not underestimate the importance of getting enough exercise in your life. You can’t expect to stay in shape by talking walks and nothing else. Unless ofcourse, you are morbidly obese… in that case every bit of exercise is going to do you good. I first joined a gym when I was in my early twenties. By that time, I was completely fed up with my own fat gut and the mindset that facilitated it. It sure took some balls to enter a gym for the first time, as a fat man. But in the end, it was totally worth it.

The gym I went too all those years ago, had some really nice people. They weren’t judgemental at all and a few of them even helped me out and supported me to achieve my best. Had it not been for those guys, I could very well still be obese. During my first year of working out, I lost the biggest amount of my body fat. I remember being put through all sorts of cardio tests by a guy who coached me. All throughout my first year, he kept monitoring my performance and he gave me pointers about where to go next. I’m pretty sure that, if it wasn’t for him, I’d still have a shed load of weight on my belly.

muscleThanks to the guy that coached me, I managed to drop most of my weight in the first year. And now that I’ve got children of my own, I need to coach those myself. I also want to stay in shape long enough that I can live to watch my children grow up and become fit adults, like daddy!

I can’t imagine having to miss out on my kids growing up… it would break my heart for sure. I am not pretty healthy and optimistic about the future of my physical well being. My parents may have made the mistake of feeding me with too many sugar treats, but I won’t make that mistake with my own children.

I’m sure my parents had all the best intentions for me. They probably could not help it… because they were fat as well. Unfortunately, my parents developed a slew of obesity related problems in their sixties, and they both died from heart attacks. All it took was one heart attack and that was it. Just like that. I needed a few years to get over this.

liftingExercise is really good for you… but it’s not all there is to it. But your diet matters too. If you don’t have a healthy diet to complement a training regimen, then you are missing out. You have to eat healthy and work out on a consistent basis, or no results for you. Also, you can’t make up for a year of missed exercise, by training really hard in the last month of the year. The only way to get permanent health benefits from exercise, is by making it a lifestyle habit. And the same goes for your diet.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is probably the most important thing you will ever do in your entire life. Get good foods in your diet and keep them there for as long as you live. For fat people that like to eat lots of goodies, it can be scary to switch to a health diet. They are afraid that they won’t feel as content as they would on all their favorite junk foods such as cheese burgers and whatnot. I had this exact same fear many years ago when I was still a sedentary sack of potatoes.

But I researched some healthy dishes. And it turns out there are plenty of ways to eat healthy and tasty at the same time. Healthy dishes is all I have now. I eat healthy every week of my life. My kids love it too. I’ve never regretted my decision to lift weights, eat healthy and raise my kids the same way. We’re a happy, healthy family!

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